How to Stay Clean During Periods

Stay Clean

The menstrual cycle is the beginning of womanhood for a girl where they learn about a lot of new things about themselves and face new experiences. Most of us are still not aware of periods and ignore it until the very last minute. We ignore the care and hygiene we need during this time, either due to our busy schedules or lack of awareness. Taking care of our hygiene during this time is as important as taking care of our overall health. Here are some tips for women to keep themselves clean and hygienic during periods.

Choose the right sanitation method

There are plenty of sanitation methods available today for women to keep themselves clean. From sanitary napkins to tampons and menstrual cups, women can manage their problem of getting their clothes stained in a lot of ways.

Buy the right products

Make sure that you are purchasing your sanitary products from the right medical stores and trusted brands. As these sanitary products will come in direct contact with your body, they can cause infections and diseases if not packed properly or have unhygienic manufacturing plants. If you are purchasing a tampon, make sure to check Cora tampons review or a good tampon review site to make sure that you buy safe products.

Change regularly

Change regularly

Once your menstrual blood leaves the body, it becomes contaminated, and having it on your body can cause irritation and infection. Keep your vagina clean at all times from bleeding, as well as sweating. When the organisms from your blood and sweat remain for long around your vagina, they can cause conditions like skin rashes, vaginal infections, and urinary tract infection.

Do not use soap

Vagina has its own cleaning mechanism and does not need any external elements like soap for cleansing. Our body also produces good bacterias that protect the sensitive parts from infection. Using soap can kill the good bacteria, giving more chances for any infection to arise. Use clean, warm water to wash yourself during your periods. It will also help you relax during this time and ease down the tension in your body.

Discard used sanitary products

When you have used a sanitary napkin or tampons, make sure that you discard them properly. Throwing sanitary products in the open can spread infections and a foul smell in the environment. Wrapped it in a paper to contain the infection and smell. Do not flush the napkins or tampons down the toilet as they can cause blockage and further trouble for you. Wash your hands properly after disposing of used sanitary products.

Avoid getting pad rash

During the heavy blood flow, you may develop pad rash because of the pad being wet for a long time. As the wet pad can rub on your thighs and cause rashes, change them as many times as you want during the heavy flow days. Apply antiseptic on your skin after taking a bath to heal the rash and prevent any further chaffing.