Top 2 VPN to Unblock Netflix

In a world where everything is available online, the ordeal of not being able to gamble or watch your favorite show as and when you desire would be the last thing you want. But when your government has restricted the use of such websites, you will have no choice but to entertain yourself with something else. However, the problems brought about by technology are solved by another set of innovations. The technology created as the solution to these prevalent internet issues is the VPN. Virtual private networks are required to gain access to all the sites restricted in your region.

One of the sites not accessible in many countries is the US Netflix. It is quite simple to watch all the shows by accessing the American Netflix from any part of the world. Opening your preferred VPN and picking an American server will provide you with the option to spoof your IP, which can then be used to access Netflix. When you are actually in your country, this simple process will fake your location to convince Netflix in order to provide you access to all the videos. Let us look at the top VPNs that can break the shackles to happy watching.

The Best VPN for Netflix

When looking for the Best VPN For Netflix, you are sure to come across plenty of reputable names, making it harder for you to choose. All the services will have some unique features, which may or may not be perfect for you. Finding the right one for you is the best thing to do so that you don’t find it difficult managing the network once you start using it. A VPN for streaming will need various factors to be at least considered as the best. Speed is the most important feature every user looks for first. Your download speed can be affected by some VPNs when trying to connect to a server at a different location. If you plan to binge on any show, this encumberment on your internet connection can ruin your viewing experience. Here is a list of the best VPNs for accessing American Netflix.

·       ExpressVPN

Netflix can now be easily accessed from your country with ExpressVPN. By logging into their service and opting for a server, you can watch your favorite show on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or TV. ExpressVPN guarantees excellent security and customer service, making it our top pick. Almost all streaming services in your region can be unblocked with ExpressVPN. The six-month membership is available for £7.67/month, and the one-month membership charges you £9.84. The best plan is for one year; it also offers you an extra free membership for three months at £5.37/month.

·       CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is well known for its user-friendly interface that comes with great speed. All your favorite shows can be streamed in 4K at £10.29/month if you opt for the one-month membership. CyberGhost is available for one year at £10.29/month, £3.09/month for two years, and £2.10/month for three years.

Apart from these top two picks, Netflix can also be accessed with other paid VPN services like PureVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN.

How to Stay Clean During Periods

The menstrual cycle is the beginning of womanhood for a girl where they learn about a lot of new things about themselves and face new experiences. Most of us are still not aware of periods and ignore it until the very last minute. We ignore the care and hygiene we need during this time, either due to our busy schedules or lack of awareness. Taking care of our hygiene during this time is as important as taking care of our overall health. Here are some tips for women to keep themselves clean and hygienic during periods.

Choose the right sanitation method

There are plenty of sanitation methods available today for women to keep themselves clean. From sanitary napkins to tampons and menstrual cups, women can manage their problem of getting their clothes stained in a lot of ways.

Buy the right products

Make sure that you are purchasing your sanitary products from the right medical stores and trusted brands. As these sanitary products will come in direct contact with your body, they can cause infections and diseases if not packed properly or have unhygienic manufacturing plants. If you are purchasing a tampon, make sure to check Cora tampons review or a good tampon review site to make sure that you buy safe products.

Change regularly

Once your menstrual blood leaves the body, it becomes contaminated, and having it on your body can cause irritation and infection. Keep your vagina clean at all times from bleeding, as well as sweating. When the organisms from your blood and sweat remain for long around your vagina, they can cause conditions like skin rashes, vaginal infections, and urinary tract infection.

Do not use soap

Vagina has its own cleaning mechanism and does not need any external elements like soap for cleansing. Our body also produces good bacterias that protect the sensitive parts from infection. Using soap can kill the good bacteria, giving more chances for any infection to arise. Use clean, warm water to wash yourself during your periods. It will also help you relax during this time and ease down the tension in your body.

Discard used sanitary products

When you have used a sanitary napkin or tampons, make sure that you discard them properly. Throwing sanitary products in the open can spread infections and a foul smell in the environment. Wrapped it in a paper to contain the infection and smell. Do not flush the napkins or tampons down the toilet as they can cause blockage and further trouble for you. Wash your hands properly after disposing of used sanitary products.

Avoid getting pad rash

During the heavy blood flow, you may develop pad rash because of the pad being wet for a long time. As the wet pad can rub on your thighs and cause rashes, change them as many times as you want during the heavy flow days. Apply antiseptic on your skin after taking a bath to heal the rash and prevent any further chaffing.

A Guide to Taking Care of Mental Health during the Coronavirus Outbreak


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has taken an economic, social and mental toll on people sall over the world. The news we hear from the means of awareness like social media, television, newspapers etc. cause an emotional and anxious behaviour that might not be considered appropriate during normal circumstances. In countries like India, where the situation is still rising at an alarming rate, lockdown and social distancing have become inevitable, and all of us need to live with it. Hence, it is essential for all us to take serious action of protecting our mental health and sanity, so that we can get out of the situation successfully.

Talk to family and friends

Some of us are living through the situation with our families, while many are not. Being away from home and trying to maintain a lifestyle without human contact can be depressing. Hence, it is essential to keep talking on the phone with your loved ones, friends and family and keep your mind at peace.

 family and friends

Stick to a routine

Unstructured timing causes spikes in anxiety and depression. Hence, it is imperative to take control of the situation and stick to a routine. It will also ensure that you’re leading a healthy life and taking good care of yourself.


It is tempting to sleep in as every day feels like a Sunday. But, take the high road and get in some exercise every morning you wake up. This is also an addition to the point as mentioned above of building a routine. Exercising, meditating and doing yoga has positive effects on your mental health and affirms for betterment.



Take a break. By break, we mean, take a break from social media and news channels when the situation is overwhelming. Try to connect with your self. Develop a hobby, read a book and relax. All these will not only help you build your confidence but also are useful for individual betterment.

What not to do?

While the point mentioned above are the steps you can follow to maintain a sane mindset during the pandemic, it is also essential to know what not to do.

  • Please do not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs as they can trigger your emotions. Especially the ones who are suffering from substance usage should avoid consuming them.
  • Do not label or judge people who have developed the infection. While it is important to maintain distance physically, you can connect with them via the internet and talk to them and wish for their betterment and early recovery.
  • If you do happen to get infected, do not panic as most of them recover from the disease.



Affirm yourself that we will get out of the situation positively, might as well develop some skill, relax and reconnect with ourselves. Hence, we all can get out of the situation with a healthier mind and a new perspective to life, provided you follow the necessary steps to deal with the situation with a positive mindset.

Health Benefits of Zumba during the Coronavirus Pandemic


With the spread of the Coronavirus and in the increasing awareness about social distancing and lockdowns, the motivation to get your workout done is minimal to nill. We’re here to tell you that you do not need to run three miles or lift heavy weights to stay fit and healthy. Zumba, a dance form is an option that you can consider taking up, which offers many perks. A session of Zumba is filled with a lot of fun, and the upbeat music doesn’t stop you from grooving to the tunes. It is an overall sweet session.

The outbreak of the virus has taken a toll on many industries, which also includes the fitness industry. Many gym, Zumba and aerobics instructors are conducting live online sessions to keep their fitness game on track. Here are some health benefits of Zumba, after reading which you can consider adding it to your fitness regimen.

Calorie burning

Zumba dancing is a form of aerobic activity that involves complete and continuous body movement. An average of 600 to 1000 calories is burnt during a Zumba session and the number increase for an intense session with absolutely no breaks in between.

Calorie burning

Stress buster

Remote working conditions, as well as the rise of fear over the spread of virus causes, stress in the mind and body which can be detoxed by a 30 minute Zumba session. Since it involves dancing, it will keep your mind away from the daily grind, which also improves your alertness and coordination.

Boosts heart health

Although the activity is done indoors, it is a form of aerobic exercise that helps keep your heart rate pumped throughout the session and after. Zumba is a form of cardiovascular activity.

Full body workout

Zumba, a form of dance exercise that gets all your body parts working at once, from head to toe. This is going to leave you sore for days, in places you didn’t know existed. This is proof that the workout is active and is building muscles, whilst burning fat and toning your complete body.

Elevates mood

Good music, quick steps and an intense sweating session, what more can you ask for? It is a whole package to elevate and enhance mood. It is scientifically proven that the brain stimulates happy hormones or endorphins when you dance and sweat.

Boosts Metabolism

One Zumba session boosts metabolism to a great extent- not only during the session but also remains the calories burning even after the workout, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Boosts Metabolism

Increases confidence

By burning calories every day, you can be more confident that you’re setting your goal towards a healthy body and healthy mind that will boost your confidence.


It is challenging to keep ourselves motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. But, timely in house exercises like Zumba can elevate our fitness levels and increase the overall well being. Sign up for a session now and notice the difference by yourself.

Importance of Mental Health in Today’s World

Mental Health

We’ve all come across the famous saying “A healthy mind leads to a healthy body” which sums up everything about mental health and its importance. Mental health is solely defined as the state of mind, which includes psychological, emotional and social well being of a person to cope with the ever-increasing stress and tautness of today’s world, positively. Throughout life, everyone faces mental health problems – some are more severe than the other, which includes an imbalance in thinking ability and mood. It affects our thoughts and feelings each day, that also contributes largely to the decision-making process and how we cope with the stress.

The National Alliance of Mental Illness stated that nearly one in five Americans develop mental health issues, which is almost equal to 40 million adults over a year. It is vital to note that mental illness affects 19% of the adults, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children in the world, each year.


Early Signs and warnings

Although mental illness affects most of the population across the world, it gets sever only in some cases, that calls for immediate medical attention. The severity depends on the way the person responds to it but is typically associated with heart diseases, diabetes and death due to suicide. In 2014, suicide alone was responsible for the death of 42,773 adults in the United States. It can be challenging to detect the illness in the early stages, which includes a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Irregular eating and sleeping habits
  • Isolation from people
  • Deceased energy
  • Negligence towards anything and everything
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless
  • Indulging in bad habits like excessive smoking and drinking
  • The extreme behaviour of anger, stress and mood swings
  • Hearing voices in the head
  • Thoughts of self-harm

Why it’s important?

Our life depends on the well being of our mind and body. Mental health is associated with how people lead their lives which impacts their thoughts and decision-making capability. Emotional health also affects the productiveness and effectiveness in carrying out daily activities in work, home or school. It is essential to be aware of one’s mental health, without falling prey to the ill effects of it. Adapting to changes in your life is vital to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

How can you improve your mental health?

It is better to take control of your mental health before it gets the better of you. There are various ways by which you can keep it in check like regular exercise, talking to someone you trust, consuming healthy and balanced diets, taking a break when you’re experiencing stress and getting a good night’s sleep. However, when you already have a mental illness, it is difficult to heal on your own, that’s when you seek the help of a professional who can get you back on track.


Today’s fast-paced world can be exhausting for millions of people out there, that fall prey to mental illness. People must understand that mental illness is typical and can happen to anyone. Taking precautionary means and being there for one another solves half the problem.

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