UPDATE 3/4/09
A Manhattan judge yesterday slapped a gag order on Kim Shamsky, and warned she could be locked up if she keeps hounding her “Miracle Met” ex-husband.

“I am concerned about . . . you putting yourself in a position to be arrested,” Justice Laura Drager said, before gagging all parties in the case.

There is nothing worse than a bitter scorned ex-wife!

The saga continues between former NY Met’s player Art Shamsky and his ex-wife Kim Shamsky.

Earlier this week, Kim took a NY Post reporter with her and tried to corner her ex-husband into admitting that he gave her a sexually transmitted disease.

It did not work, it backfired against her and she ended up looking like a desperate, bitter evil woman.

On the Post video tape, Kim was badgering her ex-husband, screaming on the streets of NYC that he gave her a sexual disease; she was just badgering the man and making herself look stupid.

She also said something about him denying her of having cancer, blah, blah, blah….just a bunch of stupid crap.

In other words, she was just making an ass of herself.

Well on Friday, she spoke to the paper, again, and this time she shared with them a letter that Art gave her before they were married.

She said in the letter, her 67 year-old ex-husband made a reference about their pet Maltese, Bianca. He wrote that one night when he was all alone with the dog, he played with the dog’s nipples.

She claims he wrote, “I got carried away and started to play with the dog’s nipple somewhere in the middle of the night.”

She also claims that she did not open the letter until AFTER they were married. And, if she had opened it before, she would not have married him.

B!@ch, I do not believe you, you are lying.

In the past, Kim has accused Art of being gay.

She has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband claiming that he caused her psychological damage by fooling around on her during their marriage and exposing her to a sexually transmitted disease.

This woman needs a straight jacket.

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