An eighteen-year-old New York City boy died on Monday days after he was attacked at a birthday party in Queens.

Recent high school graduate Anthony Collao died at Jamaica Hospital Monday night, after he was attacked by teens who thought he was gay.

Reports say Collao was at a party given by two openly gay men Saturday night, when Alex Velez, 16, Nolis Ogando, Christopher Lozada and Luis Tabales, all 17, arrived uninvited to the Woodhaven party, which was advertised on Facebook.

Witnesses say after refusing to pay the $7 cover charge, the teens burst into the abandoned home that did not have electricity, and began breaking windows and picking fights with partygoers.

It is alleged that the boys flashed gang signs and yelled anti-gay slurs before scrawling epithets in red marker on the walls.

Not wanting to get involved with what was about to come down, Collao left the party with a friend and the teens chased the duo.  The thugs caught up with Collao and pinned him against a car and began to beat and stomped him.

Collao was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries on Monday.

When the boys were arrested by police, Lozada was wearing Collao’s baseball cap and all four were still wearing their bloodied clothing.

Friends say although Collao was at the party hosted by two gay men, the teenager was not gay and had a girlfriend.

The suspects, who claimed they were defending themselves after they were attacked by Collao, were charged with manslaughter.

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