A 15-month-old Michigan boy was rushed to the hospital Friday afternoon after he drank alcohol that was served with his kids’ meal at an Applebee’s restaurant.

Taylor Dill-Reese told reporters that after her son, Dominic, took a sip of the apple juice she ordered with his kids’ meal he began saying “hi” and “bye” to the walls. He then laid his head on the table and refused to eat his meal.

Dill-Reese said at first she thought her son was just tired and wanted to sleep, but after taking a sip of his apple juice she realized that alcohol was in the sippy cup.

After she alerted the manager of the chain restaurant to the incident, she learnt her son was given alcoholic margarita mix instead of apple juice.

Police were called to the Madison Heights restaurant and they determined that the toddler was accidentally given the drink that contained alcohol.  They rushed him to the hospital, where doctors placed his alcohol level at .10- over the legal limit for adult drivers.

Doctors told Dill-Reese her son could have died if he drank the entire cup.

Authorities say the restaurant had accidentally labeled the mixed drink combination as apple juice.

Applebee’s has issued a statement calling the incident “unacceptable” and promised to work with local authorities and also conduct an investigation of their own.

Dominic is expected to make a full recovery.

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