A Guide to Taking Care of Mental Health during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Mental Health

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has taken an economic, social and mental toll on people sall over the world. The news we hear from the means of awareness like social media, television, newspapers etc. cause an emotional and anxious behaviour that might not be considered appropriate during normal circumstances. In countries like India, where the situation is still rising at an alarming rate, lockdown and social distancing have become inevitable, and all of us need to live with it. Hence, it is essential for all us to take serious action of protecting our mental health and sanity, so that we can get out of the situation successfully.

Talk to family and friends

family and friends

Some of us are living through the situation with our families, while many are not. Being away from home and trying to maintain a lifestyle without human contact can be depressing. Hence, it is essential to keep talking on the phone with your loved ones, friends and family and keep your mind at peace.

Family and friends

Unstructured timing causes spikes in anxiety and depression. Hence, it is imperative to take control of the situation and stick to a routine. It will also ensure that you’re leading a healthy life and taking good care of yourself.


It is tempting to sleep in as every day feels like a Sunday. But, take the high road and get in some exercise every morning you wake up. This is also an addition to the point as mentioned above of building a routine. Exercising, meditating and doing yoga has positive effects on your mental health and affirms for betterment.


Take a break. By break, we mean, take a break from social media and news channels when the situation is overwhelming. Try to connect with your self. Develop a hobby, read a book and relax. All these will not only help you build your confidence but also are useful for individual betterment.

What not to do?

While the point mentioned above are the steps you can follow to maintain a sane mindset during the pandemic, it is also essential to know what not to do.

maintain distance physically

Please do not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs as they can trigger your emotions. Especially the ones who are suffering from substance usage should avoid consuming them.
Do not label or judge people who have developed the infection. While it is important to maintain distance physically, you can connect with them via the internet and talk to them and wish for their betterment and early recovery.
If you do happen to get infected, do not panic as most of them recover from the disease.


Affirm yourself that we will get out of the situation positively, might as well develop some skill, relax and reconnect with ourselves. Hence, we all can get out of the situation with a healthier mind and a new perspective to life, provided you follow the necessary steps to deal with the situation with a positive mindset.