Who is this little boy?

A little boy in a yellow shirt stole the spotlight from Pope Francis earlier today by going up on stage while The Pontiff was addressing a crowd at the Vatican.

The youngster walked up on stage while The Pope was addressing the group of people, who at gathered in St Peter’s Square, and calmly looked at the hundreds of people who had gathered to hear the Pope.

There are reports that many people tried to get the kid off the stage and some even bribed him with sweets, but he refused to budge.

Apparently the incident did not bother the 76-year-old Pope.  As a matter-of-fact, at one time when the Pope was seated onstage, he smiled at the boy and then patted him on the head.

We don’t know who this boy is, but it’s obvious with tenacity like this he is going to go far in life.

Watch the video, it’s great!!!

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