Health Benefits of Zumba during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of the Coronavirus and in the increasing awareness about social distancing and lockdowns, the motivation to get your workout done is minimal to nill. We’re here to tell you that you do not need to run three miles or lift heavy weights to stay fit and healthy. Zumba, a dance form is an option that you can consider taking up, which offers many perks. A session of Zumba is filled with a lot of fun, and the upbeat music doesn’t stop you from grooving to the tunes. It is an overall sweet session.

The outbreak of the virus has taken a toll on many industries, which also includes the fitness industry. Many gym, Zumba and aerobics instructors are conducting live online sessions to keep their fitness game on track. Here are some health benefits of Zumba, after reading which you can consider adding it to your fitness regimen.

Calorie Burning

Zumba dancing is a form of aerobic activity that involves complete and continuous body movement. An average of 600 to 1000 calories is burnt during a Zumba session and the number increase for an intense session with absolutely no breaks in between.

Calorie Burning

Remote working conditions, as well as the rise of fear over the spread of virus causes, stress in the mind and body which can be detoxed by a 30 minute Zumba session. Since it involves dancing, it will keep your mind away from the daily grind, which also improves your alertness and coordination.

Boosts heart health

Although the activity is done indoors, it is a form of aerobic exercise that helps keep your heart rate pumped throughout the session and after. Zumba is a form of cardiovascular activity.

Full body workout

Zumba, a form of dance exercise that gets all your body parts working at once, from head to toe. This is going to leave you sore for days, in places you didn’t know existed. This is proof that the workout is active and is building muscles, whilst burning fat and toning your complete body.

Elevates mood

Good music, quick steps and an intense sweating session, what more can you ask for? It is a whole package to elevate and enhance mood. It is scientifically proven that the brain stimulates happy hormones or endorphins when you dance and sweat.

Boosts Metabolism

One Zumba session boosts metabolism to a great extent- not only during the session but also remains the calories burning even after the workout, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Boosts Metabolism

Increases confidence

By burning calories every day, you can be more confident that you’re setting your goal towards a healthy body and healthy mind that will boost your confidence.


It is challenging to keep ourselves motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. But, timely in house exercises like Zumba can elevate our fitness levels and increase the overall well being. Sign up for a session now and notice the difference by yourself.