It’s beginning to look like everyone involved with this whole Jerry Sandusky rape crime is emotionally and criminally disturbed.

First we learnt that a 28-year-old assistant coach witnessed Jerry raping a 10-year-old boy and like the little wimp that he is, instead of beating Jerry to the bathroom wall, he ran home like a little sissy and told his father what he saw, never thinking of calling the police.

Secondly, we find out that this young coach, Mike McQueary, told head coach, Joe Paterno, what Jerry had done, and like the senile old man that Joe is he told Jerry, “Just don’t rape any more little boys.”  However, Joe made sure that he covered his ass by telling athletic director Tim Curley and Penn State president, Gary Schultz.

One would think that with all these educators at such a prestigious school one of them would have contacted the police, but no, these assholes waited for this to happen, again, and again, until one of the parents went to the police.

Meanwhile, a school janitor witnessed Jerry giving oral sex to a boy and told Joe and others about it and again, these sick bastards did nothing to help these children, children who were already classified as “at risk” children.

Then, we find out that the DA who was investigating the case committed suicide.

Now today, the day after Jerry gave that strange interview to sports reporter Bob Costas we find out that Jerry’s 63-year-old attorney, Joe Amendola, got a 16-year-old girl pregnant.

Amendola married the teenager, Mary Lavasile, after the child was born, but not before filing an emancipation petition with the courts in 1996.

Amendola and Lavasile, who is now 32, have since separated.

Jerry Sandusky, Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Joe Amendola, do us all a favor, jump in front of speeding train.

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