Two Puerto Rican brothers were arrested at Miami International Airport last night after getting into a fight with a pilot.

Reports say the fight started after a flight attendant aboard American Airlines Flight 1755 from Miami to San Francisco noticed an unresponsive passenger with their seatbelt unfastened while the plane was taxing on the runway.

The attendant tried to wake the passenger, who was later identified as Jonathan Baez, and after she failed to wake him, she alerted the pilot who decided to return the aircraft to the gate.

As 27-year-old Baez, who airline staff felt was either intoxicated or on drugs, was being escorted from the plane, his older brother, Luis, became upset with the crew and followed his brother off the plane, while threatening to kill the pilot the next time he flew into San Juan.

The brothers were off the plane when Jonathan returned to the aircraft and punched the pilot in the face and hit the flight attendant in the shoulder.

Luis, 29, then joined his brother and they gave the pilot a beat-down in the jet bridge before chasing him into the terminal, where passengers held the brothers until police arrived.

The brothers were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery.  As of press time they were still being held at Miami-Dade County jail on $9,000 bond.

A different pilot was called in to take the 176 passengers and six crew members to California.

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