A Washington state mother was banned from using Facebook for a week after she posted a picture of her five-year-old daughter breastfeeding her 2-year-old sister.

Lauren Ferrari said there was nothing sexual about what her two young children were doing.

“It’s not sexual and they were just pretending,” the Seattle mother told reporters.  “What’s obscene about breastfeeding?”

Less than 24hours after posting the photo on Facebook with the caption: “She says she’s nursing her baby,” the social networking site removed it and sent Ferrari a message telling her she had violated their policies.

Ferrari said Facebook was not clear about which policies she had violated.

Stefanie Thomas of the Seattle Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children agrees the photo isn’t child porn, but she said it’s poor parenting on Ferrari’s part. She points to the fact that there’s no control over who sees the photo and whose hands it ends up in.

“There’s no real way of actually getting wherever that image ends up down off the Internet. So that’s something that this family, that these girls, are going to have to ultimately deal with,” Thomas said

Ferrari said she wished someone from Facebook would have actually talked to her and asked “question or something.”   She also said it’s not like she wrote something vulgar on the photo like “Mommy look, she’s kissing my boobie.”

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