A former librarian for a New York City public school and a police chief are accused of plotting to kidnap and rape women and children.

Details surrounding the arrest of Christopher Asch, a former librarian for Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, and Richard Meltz, chief of police at US Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Bedford, Massachusetts, have not been released, but sources say their arrests are related to the Giberto Valle, the NYC “cannibal cop”, who was found guilty of conspiring to kidnap, cook, kill and eat women.

Asch was arrested Monday morning at his Greenwich Village apartment and Meltz was arrested in Rockaway, New Jersey.

There are reports that Asch, who is openly gay, was arrested and suspended in 2009 for touching students and whispering in their ears.

A judge later dismissed the charges saying Asch was the victim of discrimination.

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