Crazy, crazy, crazy….

A 15-year-old Long Island, New York, girl, who left her parents’ home last weekend leaving a note behind stating she was going to the city to meet an older man she met online and would return home in a few days, was not reported missing until yesterday.

According to the NY Post, Alisa Papik’s parents told police their daughter left a note Sunday night saying she was going to the Bronx to be with an older man she met on MeetMe. com and would return home on Wednesday.

Alisa’s mother, Christina, called police on Thursday after the Sachem East High School freshman failed to home to her Farmingville home on Thursday.

Story gets stranger!

Police later found the teenager shacked up with the man on Thursday, but now she refuses to go home.

Christina Papik says when her daughter returns to Long Island she will either live with her grandmother or go to a foster home.

It’s unclear whether police arrested the man she was found with.

If there are any more children in the Papik’s home they should be taken away.

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