A New Jersey mother-of-four, who is fighting for custody of her children, is speaking out against her Orthodox Jewish religion claiming that “they” wanted her to stay in an abusive relationship with her estranged husband.

Thirty year old Pearlperry Reich, who moved to Lakewood, New Jersey, five years ago to get away from her Hasidic community in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, said she spent 12 years of her live living in a “war zone” and she doesn’t want her children to have to go through the same things that she did.

Reich, who is now pursuing acting and modeling career, says she was 18 when she married Sinai Susholz in an arranged marriage.

She said the physical and mental abuse started shortly thereafter; however, she refuses to give details of the abuse other than to say Susholz, who refuses to grant her both a legal and a Jewish divorce, called her a slut in front of her children and once cut up her $4,000 wig.

The stunning blonde said even her father gave her a difficult time when she told him she was leaving her allegedly abusive husband.

“My father gave me a very hard time,” Reich said.  “He didn’t want me to get divorced, period…they discouraged me from making police reports about abuse.  My father, the rabbis and my husband’s family…His parents made a meeting with parents.  They called me a bitch and a whore, and my parents accepted it.”

Reich took out a restraining order against her husband after he allegedly sent her a threatening text message saying “you are playing with fire and by the time you realize it will be too late.”

Reich is speaking to the media with hopes that it would help her win her child custody case which will begin in New Jersey Family Court in April.

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