A 23-year-old Arizona woman has admitted to having her older husband killed in order to collect his $1million life insurance.

Police charged Raelynne Simonin with accessory after the fact in the death of her 39-year-old husband, Jack Vincent Purselley.

According to the police report, on July 27, Simonin walked into an Arizona police station where she told officers she was kidnapped and raped by three men who had shot and killed her husband.

After being questioned by deputies for more than an hour, Simonin recanted her story telling deputies she had her 39-year-old husband killed to collect his million dollar life insurance.

Simonin told authorities she married Purselley and moved with him to Oklahoma five weeks ago after he told her he had obtained a million dollar life insurance policy and she was the beneficiary.

She said she began to suspect that her husband, who had told her he had millions of dollars in the bank, was broke when he began to hide from bill collectors.

Authorities are still trying to put together the pieces of what really happened on the day of the shooting.

The alleged shooter William Douglas Daniel, told police that he and Simonin were involved in a sexual relationship and they had come up with a plan on how to get Purselley’s millions.

Fifty-one year old Daniel told police around 7:30 p.m. on July 25, he and his accomplice, David Joseph Danylchuk, 52, went to Purselley’s home, only to frighten him with a .44 Magnum.

Daniel and Danylchuk told police that once they arrived at the home, a third accomplice, Craig Neal Hart, 54, knocked on the Purselley’s door and told him that they were with the U.S. Marshall’s office and they were there to arrest him for outstanding child support.

According to the police report, Daniel claims that once inside the home, Danylchuk pointed a gun at him and told him he would shoot him if he did not shoot Purselley.

Daniel told officers he shot Purselley five times out of fear.

Danylchuk’s account of what happened that night was different from Daniel’s.

Danylchuk said one inside the house, Simonin began screaming at Purselley saying she wanted out of the relationship, so Daniel pulled out a gun and shot Purselley.

He said the four of them then fled the home, but the following day, he, Simonin and Daniel returned to the home, where Simonin packed some clothing and other items. He said they then drove 18 hours back to Arizona.

Once in Arizona, Simonin called Purselly’s father inquiring about the insurance policy.  After she found out there was no policy, she came up with the kidnapping and rape.

Police charged Daniel, Hart and Danylchuk with first-degree murder.

All four are waiting to be extradited to Oklahoma.

Reports say Purselley was unemployed and was wanted in Arizona on several warrants.

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