A 48-year-old Texas woman who wanted a day off from work is said to have staged her own kidnapping.

When Sheila Bailey Eubank was found bound with rope inside her vehicle in a field near Ray Ellison Boulevard and Brook Valley on October 10, she told authorities a man jumped into her car when she was returning from the Security Service Federal Credit union ATM near Loop 1604 and Bandera Road.  Eubank said the man then forced her at knifepoint to drive around San Antonio for 12 hours while he carried out drug deals.

She said he then bound her and left her to die in the field.

Authorities became suspicious about her story after they found a lottery ticket, which was purchased at the time she supposedly was being held, inside her handbag.

Surveillance footage from the credit union ATM showed no one near Eubank when she withdrew the money and video from the store where she purchased the lottery ticket showed her looking healthy, unhurried and being pleasant with the clerk.

When confronted by detectives, Eubank admitted to making up the story saying she “wanted a day off from work and wanted attention.”

She was charged with aggravated perjury.

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