Parents with children in a Minnesota school are demanding that their children’s sixth grade teacher be fired after he told his class that it is easier to “teach rich white folks than poor black people.”

In an interview with a St Paul TV station, Latasha Tolbert said she was shocked when her daughter came home and told her that her teacher, Tim Olmsted, had ordered her and four other black children to sit in the back of the classroom at Heights Community School.

Tolbert said that Olmsted then told her daughter that she and the other students “will never amount to anything” and “you only have one parent.”

Tolbert said she met with school officials  about a dozen times since last month’s incident.  She then requested that her daughter be transferred to a different class.

Meg Kane, a lawyer representing Tolbert and the four other families, issued a letter to the school district demanding that Olmstead, who is white, and the school principal be fired.

Olmstead is currently on paid leave while the claims are being investigated.

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