A thirty-five year old hairstylist in an Oakland, California beauty salon who was beaten up at her shop a month ago filed charges against her assailants this week after family members, who saw the beat down on YouTube, convinced her it was the right thing to do.

Melissa Seals was busy with a customer when six women entered the salon and two of them commenced to attack her while one videotaped the entire incident.

“When at first you don’t want to press charges and then you do because a family member is making you, it’s very difficult for us,” said Oakland police officer Jeff Thomas.

It is believed that at least one of the women was a former friend of Seals and the dispute was over a man.

“She was held against her will, imprisoned in her own shop,” Seals mother, Delois said. “They stole all of her merchandise, and they raised the blinds so everybody walking by could see what they were doing.”

In an interview with a television reporter Seal said, “I want them in jail.  I don’t know what to say.  I am just tired of crying about this.”

Watch the video



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